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Ambix established a quality control (QC) program to insure that all resources maintain the highest level of accuracy. Our program allows for early detection of possible defects to expedite necessary corrective actions. Our goal is to assure that all deliverable product, both in-house manufactured or purchased, meets specifications.
All phases are fully documented. Written inspection reports recording dimensions and other client specified criteria are retained on file for five years. Copies of inspection results are forwarded with each shipment regardless of the quantity ordered. Ambix customizes our quality process to meet each individual customer requirements.

Every Ambix team works closely together with our clients to provide a product that fulfills all quality goals.

We believe the only way to provide our customers with a cost effective, high quality product is to focus on the processes that create quality products. We continually invest in the latest equipment necessary to tackle advanced projects with accuracy. Our test engineers and technicians can customize unique functional test fixtures and programs tailored to your product and manufacturing requirements. We become your manufacturing partner, eager to contribute to your product's success.