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Precision Injection Molding
Ambix is an accomplished supplier to the Consumer product, Chemical Process, and other industries which have special needs in dealing with elevated temperatures, chemical and corrosion resistance, extreme pressure, wear, lubricity, and ultra purity. Our modern equipment , is always managed by master-level plastics engineers and meticulously maintained for absolute precision in molding the most demanding materials and products.

The diverse capabilities offered by Ambix are unsurpassed. Fully integrated engineering, diverse custom material compounding and manufacturing capabilities, a worldwide network of manufacturing affiliates, and a commitment to quality are just a few of the features that Ambix offers.

Our focus and expertise is on serving applications with extreme requirements made from high performance materials such as those materials below.
• Shin Etsu Sifel ®
• Fluorosilicones
Thermoplastic Elastomers
Engineered Resins
• LEXAN ® Polycarbonate
Medical and FDA Grade Plastics
• PE
• PP
• Liquid crystal polymer
• Vectra®
• Xydar®
• Polyamide-Imide
• Torlon®
• Polyarylate
• Torlon®
• Ardel®
• Durel®
• Polyarylsulfone
• Radel®
• Polyimide - TS
• Sintimid®
• Polyethermide
• Ultem®
• Polyethr etherketone
• Victrex PEEK®
• Polyketone
• Kadel®
• Polyphenylene sulfide
• Fortron2®
• Ryton2®
• Polysulfone
• Udel®
• Polysulfone blends
• Mindel®
• Polymide -TP
• Aurum®
• Polyhthalamide (PPA)
• Amodel®
Custom Injection Molding
From high quality, intricate, cost-effective mold making and mastery of advanced engineering resins, Ambix is a proven expert in taking complex designs and finding engineered solutions that make production possible. We process virtually all engineering resins. We are particularly adept at intricate parts requiring complex tooling (side actions, lifters, hydraulic core-pulls, and automatic unscrewing threads).

Ambix provides fully integrated product management resources including product design, material selection, prototyping, testing, and automated manufacturing to provide the highest quality products available today on a just-in-time basis.
All product development and manufacturing is accomplished using the latest advanced quality planning tools available today. These include design and process failure mode & effect analysis (FMEA), statistical process control (SPC), and design of experiments (DOE). In addition to extensive machining capabilities, Ambix can also provide the processes of ultrasonic welding, heat staking, hot-stamping, and light assembly.
Total Engineering
Our engineering team strives to become an extension of your product engineering cycle by offering a skilled group of specialized individuals with expertise in all facets of our materials and manufacturing processes.

  • Application Engineering
  • Design Engineering
  • Material Engineering
  • Mold Design
  • Quality/Process Engineering
  • In-house Testing Laboratory

  • Product quality service from the start
  • Engineering for unique, demanding or unusual applications for injection molds
  • Understanding the interrelationship between material characteristics, tool design and the effects of the manufacturing process
Having benchmarked the all-electric injection molding machine marketplace, Ambix has chosen Sumitomo for their remarkable level of accuracy, speed, and efficiency. All-electric servo driven machines require an initial investment greater than traditional hydraulic machines, but are known for their unparalleled accuracy and low operating costs due to their extreme energy efficiency. Within the all-electric arena, Ambix believes that the Sumitomo line sets the standard.

This technology positions Ambix with a unique ability to handle extreme precision applications, and yet also offer its customers the benefits of 60% greater energy efficiency over traditional hydraulic machines.

Our investment in new technology provides manufacturing capabilities essential for high quality molding of advanced thermoplastics. This equipment offers high injection rates and pressures, plus high mold temperature capabilities. Outstanding accuracy and consistency are maintained by means of advanced computer controls. The result is a unique ability for processing these challenging materials in a manner which best utilizes their outstanding characteristics.

Right Here. Right Now.

With so many firms electing to outsource their long-run production offshore, why do Ambix customers keep coming back?

Innovation, speed to market, and quality all from one source.

Companies introducing proprietary new products with long cycle times cannot afford to make one mistake—especially when speed to market is critical. As a long-term partner of choice, we understand our customers’ needs, add significant value, and provide the necessary controls to ensure success.