Ambix, LLC
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Albany, NH 03818


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Ambix is a custom plastics contract manufacturer and product design company. We specialize in manufacturing high-precision and complex injection molded components and assemblies.

Our specialty is high-end engineering materials that we run on all-electric molding machines for ultimate precision. Of course, it was our deep understanding of general purpose and commodity grade plastics that brought us here and we have not forgotten them.

There are thousands of injection molding companies in the United States, so what makes Ambix a better choice for your program?

  • Plastics engineering and design
  • All-new, all-electric molding equipment for absolute precision
  • Competitive pricing
  • Fast and responsive service

Years of experience as plastic engineering consultants has afforded us with the shop-floor wisdom and technical skill to tackle the toughest materials in the industry.

We are well versed in selecting plastic based on mechanical, physical, thermal, or tribological properties. Knowledge of fillers, reinforcements, and advanced composites provides our customers with the engineering expertise to choose the most cost effective material solution to yield the product robustness they require.

In the design and construction of tooling, we offer creative solutions to such criteria as proper ejection, gating, venting, and cooling. Our extensive mold making resources helps balance the need for cost efficient tooling with the need for cost effective process control. 
Plastics Manufacturing
Ambix focuses on the tough jobs that other molders can not, or do not want to do. We thrive on plastics challenges!