Ambix, LLC
1369 NH Route 16
Albany, NH 03818


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Ambix understands that new and innovative products are critical to a company's success. That is why we are a full-service design and manufacturing firm that specializes in advanced thermoplastic materials.

Ambix creates successful products by infusing technological innovation and practical engineering with uncommon creativity.

Our experienced teams provide expertise throughout the entire design process including research and development, industrial design, electronics/software design, materials selection, prototyping as well in-house manufacturing.

Ambix has developed a range of services for our customers to accelerate their speed-to-market, improve quality and achieve their goals:

• Design, engineering & technical support
• Plastics Engineering services
• Rapid prototyping
• Process and Material Selection 
• Mold design, development and maintenance
• Testing and evaluation systems
• Contract Manufacturing
• Sub-assembly and total product assembly
• Logistics, packaging and labeling

Innovation and Invention - backed by science.