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Plastics Engineering

Ambix offers turnkey project management with a full suite of engineering services to meet your plastics needs.

Engineering Services

The responsibility for design, tooling and production all rests with Ambix, that's our client's advantage.  Ambix captures product specifications and produces a design which allows for optimization of tooling and production. 

At the start of our relationship Ambix creates a team to manage your project. This allows Ambix to provide continuity and optimal project management, ensuring a smooth transition to manufacturing and a high level of customer satisfaction. We utilize all communication tools to insure that all clients are up-to-date and that our project timeline remain accurate.

Our plastics engineers were trained at UMASS Lowell in its premier plastics engineering degree program. They have traveled the world as experts in the field and consulted to a myriad of companies in advanced plastics materials, and precision molding. With a true plastics engineer on every project our client's realize immediate benefits in quality, innovation and cost.

Engineering Services:
  • Engineering Research and Discovery
  • Materials and Component Research
  • Manufacturing Process Research
  • Government Regulatory and Industry Standards Compliance Investigation
  • Patent Research and Reviews
  • Manufacturing Cost Analysis
  • Mechanical Design Concepts
  • 3D Solid Modeling
  • FEA (Finite Element Analysis)
  • Mold Flow Analysis
  • Product Life and Performance Testing
  • Product Inspection and Statistical Analysis
  • Product Documentation
  • Engineering Layouts
  • Part Assembly Drawings
  • Assembly Drawings
  • Bill of Materials
The design function applies strategic discipline for reducing time-to-market and minimizing product-life cycle costs. Throughout the design process, manufacturability reviews and other design analyses are conducted to keep projects on-schedule.

Research and Development capabilities include:

  • Specialists in plastic component design and manufacture.
  • R&D facility fully integrated with other departments.
  • Solidworks, CosmosWorks, Moldflow trained designers
  • Full CAD-CAM capability.
  • Interactive approach with clients, designers and production.
  • Detailed pre-production planning and full consultation to eliminate
    costly mistakes
  • Full computer modelling and rapid prototype
    manufacturing capability.
Material Selection
A Systematic Approach

Inaccurate material selection accounts for a large percentage of failures in plastics and other industries. Optimal material selection is dependent upon careful planning, a thorough understanding of plastic materials and reasonable prototype testing.

When selecting a plastic material for a new product a designer must make a selection based on the end-use application in terms of mechanical, thermal, environmental, electrical and chemical properties as well as manufacturing techniques.

A designer's strongest asset in material selection is solid experience with sound date. Put Ambix expertise to work for you and have confidence in your product from the start.
The Ambix difference and skill is in turning your ideas into reality.
We have a proven track record in doing it. Our tooling designs reflect our client's individual needs for each product. Product lifetime, production volume, tooling durability and cost are examples of many of the design criteria we consider to match our tools to client expectations.

Plastic Tooling Capabilities
  • Fully integrated fault free path from design to manufacture.
  • Rapid prototyping tooling.
  • Fully resourced tooling facilities in the U.S. and Asia
  • Complete tooling capability from small to large
  • Fast response to client changes.
Injection Molding
We are master-level plastics engineers with a focus on the tough jobs that other molders can not, or do not want to do. We spent years as consultants in the plastics industry and now apply our shop-floor wisdom and engineering strength to produce manufacturing competence that is hard to find.

Ambix offers integrated support for product design, rapid prototyping, and full-scale manufacturing. We are specialists in custom and difficult to process materials. We ensure that careful design results in a truly innovative and workable product at a competitive cost.

We offer significant advantages compared to other molders including:
  • Application development expertise
  • The most modern all-electric molding equipment for processing excellence
  • Lean manufacturing methods for cost effective production.
  • A total quality assurance focus
  • Expertise in materials specifications

Ambix delivers a seamless solution from concept to a packaged product ready for delivery.
Plastic Assembly Capabilities
  • Short-run or long-run capability.
  • Experienced and skilled staff.
  • In-house design and automation of assembly.