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It is a skill that the Ambix development teams have mastered to capture the product requirements of our clients.

It is vital in every relationship to maintain open dialogue. To be a true collaborator, our designers offer our suggestions for improving the product either in functionality, practicality, manufacturability, or cost reduction. The team will communicate ideas for various product configurations that can be produced and marketed.

So whether you have a sketch on a napkin, some notes and a concept in your head, or some initial design drawings, we can take your product from idea to reality.

Through the use of Solidworks, AutoCAD and Catia our designers generate 2D drawings, 3D models, photo realistic renderings and rapid prototype models of your product for evaluation.

The major benefit from Ambix's solids-based design engineering technology is a reduced time-to-market product development cycle for our clients.

Ambix's design engineering experience covers a broad range of services that can be utilized individually, or as an integrated product development process.

Industrial Design Services:
  • Human Factors Research
  • Ergonomics Engineering
  • Product Research
  • Concept Design/Development/Refinement
  • Product Renderings
  • Design Study Models
  • Design Appearance Models
  • 3D CAD Solid Modeling
  • Control Drawings
  • Assembly Exploded View Drawings
Industrial Design